People – Throwback Thursday/Dressing Up

I remember dressing up as a playtime activity when I was small. Nothing was more thrilling than putting on my mother’s clothes and shoes to become a princess or a grand lady.

Everyone dressed up in the 1950’s. A Sunday-morning-going-to-church outfit for ladies consisted of high heels, stole, gloves and netted hat.

Here are my sweethearts dressing up for Halloween last year. I wonder what they’ll be this year?



7 thoughts on “People – Throwback Thursday/Dressing Up

        1. Timelesslady

          You could still see faces through it, but the netting made the features a little blurry. They were quite the fashion when I was small, then suddenly, hats went out of fashion in the early/mid 1960’s and everyone stopped wearing gloves and hats to church.

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