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Sunday Night Supermoon Rising

When beautiful events take place in the sky I look up and take notice. When a person changes many lives for the better by standing up for what he knows is truth, I take notice of his words. I wonder what Martin Luther King, Jr’s dream would be if he lived in our present world.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

What am I silent about even when I know something is very wrong? Do I keep opinions to myself because I don’t want to come across as condemning instead of loving? What might my silence let happen that should, at the very least, be spoken against? Today I am stating my opinion on abortion. My belief is that at conception life begins. I don’t usually contact government leaders, but this weekend I sent a thank you email to Rand Paul for reintroducing the Life at Conception Bill.

“Each year, the March for Life calls on the powerful to protect life at its most helpless. What we say about the value of human life fundamentally impacts who and what we will be as a nation. In recognition of this, I have reintroduced the Life at Conception Act to ensure the unborn receive equal protection under the law, along with legislation to end forced taxpayer support of Planned Parenthood. May the message heard today and the marchers’ passionate dedication inspire change to reaffirm this most basic of rights-” ~ Rand Paul

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11 thoughts on “People & Perspective – Things That Matter

  1. Dear Kathy,
    Thanking God for courage to speak out and to be bothered enough to write a note to people who might be able to make a change,
    There are many issues on which I should speak up about. A simple one would be the fact that the woman who passed by in the corridor, who asked that the flower pots be removed from the corridor because they marred the beauty of the corridor( in my university). I need to speak up about this.
    Nelson Mandela, MLK- all great leaders because they had the guts driven by faith to speak up for truth. They were not appreciated while they did it but posterity did them justice.
    Thank you for the reminder and the guts to speak up, Kathy.


    1. Timelesslady

      Thanks Susie, It means so much to me to have the support of my blogging friends. I’m glad I have a place here on my blog pages and posts to take a stand for what I feel should be not only a moral stand, but also a common-sense decision by everyone who has a backbone. Life is precious. Kathy

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    1. Timelesslady

      I just read through the post quickly Susie. It is a wonderful prayer. Thanks so much for posting it in the comments. I activated it so that it can be clicked right in the comment you wrote and people can go directly to the post. Thanks again.

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    1. Timelesslady

      Thanks so much for the comment Onisha. I stay silent too…most times…I am usually torn about whether silence is the right thing or the wrong thing to do. Even silence can be misinterpreted, just like the recent moment caught on Twitter of the young man and the man drumming in his face. His silence might have been respectful. I don’t think I would be very polite if someone banged a drum in front of my face or another group called me and friends terrible names. It seems in this world we live in whatever you do gets a person in trouble. Doesn’t everything begin to seem like a no-win situation? I’m glad I have the Lord in my heart, it truly is our only Hope.

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