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On a recent trip to Longwood Gardens we admired this arch created with books folded into interesting shapes and flowers. The base appears to be created with gnarly branches and moss.

As a lifelong lover of books, I have mixed feelings about using books for crafts, although I have done so on numerous occasions. I enjoy cutting phrases out of books to use on greeting cards. You can see a sample and how-to on using these cut out phrases on The Flower Ark/Tulip Greeting Card.

I might try to make a few of these book page flowers for a Valentine’s Day Centerpiece.

9 thoughts on “Pages – Crafty Books

  1. Kathy
    This gives me a gulp in my throat too, though the craft is good and the idea superb. I would hate to deface any book thus.
    But I guess it teaches us not to hold on to worldly possessions and to look forward to a world where there are no possessions.

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    1. Timelesslady

      Susie, when I use books for craft I tend to only use those that I have more than one copy of at the time. I find books so often in the library sales that are a bit beat up and ragged, so I use those and never spend more than a quarter or two. Yard sales are also good ways to find old books you love that you can use for crafts.

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  2. I’m a bit late in responding to this but… I know how much you enjoy crafts, books, etc. and wanted to post this excellent pin showing a woman’s amazing decoration (related to books) of a stairway using paint.

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