Perspective – Bugs in the House

I made two mistakes when I picked up a cat food crumb off the carpet. First, the crumb was not a crumb at all! As I neared the kitchen trash can the piece of kibble began to move. I looked at what I held in my palm and instinctively threw it on the floor, a stink bug. I picked the bug up with a tissue, wrapped it like a mummy, and deposited it in the trashcan.

What was my second mistake?

Stink bugs are detestable but also awesome at the same time; the indestructible insect somehow unwrapped itself and climbed out of the trash can. I didn’t make the same mistake. I threw the stinker away again and sealed the trash bag. Victory!

I don’t like stink bugs, but I love ladybird beetles. They also find their way into the house in the winter, but are welcome guests. I found one on my tomato sprouts and was so enamored I took a dozen photographs of her as she traversed the top of the party cups. Sweet!

27 thoughts on “Perspective – Bugs in the House

    1. Timelesslady

      Oh my…I didn’t know there were any bad ladybirds. I let them wander in my house when they sneak in. I always hope they will help keep my houseplants bug-free.

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  1. What a funny mistake, but it must have given you a start! These bugs are resilient. The ladybugs are so cute, aren’t they? One of the few bugs I enjoy seeing in the garden, as long as they don’t eat the budding vegetable flowers. Great contribution to the Friendly Friday – Mistakes challenge.

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  2. Are you sure it’s a ladybug? There is a bug called the Asian Lady Beetle and they look very similar (it’s an imposter). Take a look at this link to see the difference
    We have a lot of the Asian lady beetles in the house right now as spring is here. They are a pest and we try and get rid of as many as we can. Luckily our dog leaves them alone as I have seen pictures of dogs with their palates covered in these things.
    You may want to do the same thing as you do with the stink bugs if you discover they are the imposter.

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      1. No, not destructive, but a nuisance. They can bite, emit an awful odour, can infest your pet’s mouths. They are found in groups and love to invade your home. They are actually an invasive species. The first time we had them in our home, I thought they were lady bugs than I found out differently. Now we have them in our house every spring and fall. We try and suck up as many as possible with the vacuum. We use an old vacuum because of the odour they emit when harrassed. I hope it is just a lady bug you had but to be honest I thought it looked like an Asian Lady Beetle in the picture, hence the reason for my sending the link.

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        1. Timelesslady

          Happily, if it is an Asian Lady Beetle, we only have one or two at a time at most. Outdoors, we’ve had quite a parade at times, with lady beetles, or asian beetles, marching up our downspout. I wonder if they are roosting in the attic. 🤔


  3. Ugh! I hate those things! Just when I think I’ve got them out of my house there will be another one walking across the ceiling! Sometimes I wonder if it’s not the same one just taunting me…

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