Photo Challenge – The Last of the Vanes

Today I’m featuring a few of the weather vanes I have posted on #Weather Vane Wednesday. This will be my last weather vane post. I thank everyone who took part in the challenge. I enjoyed searching for weather vanes, but I think I have found almost everything in my area, and that means it’s time to end the challenge.

Thanks to everyone who has taken part. Here’s a link to last week’s entry:
Geriatri’x’fotogallery – Neptun in middelburg

A thank you also to Cee for posting the information on her photo challenge page.

13 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – The Last of the Vanes

  1. I really enjoyed your weather vane challenge, although I contributed no photos. I am now more aware of vanes and look for them when we are in vane-friendly country. There were many in the Northeast, but I haven’t spotted them in the mountains of NC.


    1. Timelesslady

      Thanks Anne. I have used up the weather vanes in the towns we frequent. We aren’t big travelers and tend to do the same loved outings over and over. I truly ran out! I might post one now and then if we go somewhere new and I am able to photograph one. Thanks so much.

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