Projects – Tin Can Upcycle Part II

After the holes are punched in the tin cans it’s time to begin painting with acrylic paint. There will be residue from glue on the can, this can be removed with a heat gun and rag. I didn’t bother since I knew the cans would only be used for one season.

It took three coats of paint to get the look I wanted. Even before I had finished painting all the cans in pastel rainbow shades, rust had begun to work its way through the first layers. No bother…it adds a bit of shabby chic to the look of the project. I was very careful of the sharp edges inside the cans, but even being aware didn’t stop me from getting three small cuts on my fingers from the razor-sharp edges. I should have put a piece of masking tape over the holes in the sides as this is where I cut myself every time while painting.

The look of the cans is even better than I had hoped. The rack I wired together from thrift store inbox trays is perfect and holds eighteen cans. Stringing leather strips through the side holes gives me a strong hanger for the weight of the cans. I’m happy with my project and pleased it gives me more room to grow flowers specifically designated for flower pressing.

27 thoughts on “Projects – Tin Can Upcycle Part II

  1. They came out wonderful – 😉
    And I was wondering how many coats of paint it took when I first saw the pictures – and so then I read it took three .
    I like the custom feel to this project

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    1. Timelesslady

      I was hoping only two coats, but the lighter colors, especially yellow, is hard to cover. I really could have used four coats on that one, but since they are for only a season, left it alone at three. I had a request for directions for the rack and I’ll photograph one of the cans close up. The acrylic reacted to rain on some of them and they have a really interesting rippled/crackle effect without any crackle medium.

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  2. Truly spring colours. Yesterday when you posted part 1, I thought you were going to recycle the tins for storing some spaghetti sauce. Today I was pleasantly surprised to see these beauties.
    How did you paint them, Kathy ? Spray paint or with a brush?
    Please share in a post how you made the wire rack( even a youtube video would help).

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    1. Timelesslady

      Hi Susie, I can post a part three for the rack, but since it was a one time build I will have to include still photos and an explanation. Thanks so much for your interest. It was fun to put this together, but of course I ran into some problems while doing it and that is what I can post tomorrow. Thanks for the idea. I used an inexpensive brush, nylon bristles, and it worked fine for these cans. They began to age rapidly, so they are a one season pot. Kathy

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    1. Timelesslady

      Thanks Anne…it was so much fun…other than the small tin can cuts I have on my hands. I always look like I’ve been in a battle during summertime with it’s weeding and playing around.


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