Phlutters – Here We Go Again/Part II

When I checked the fennel plant today all the smaller caterpillars were gone. There was only one still feasting, and he was large and blended in with the green fronds. The smaller black ones are easy to spot and were probably a meal for a hungry bug or bird. Butterfly populations are dwindling and I’m annoyed with myself for leaving so many outdoors for the predators.

Indoors, to keep the caterpillars near the fennel and off the screens of the porch when they form a chrysalis, I placed the milk carton in a tight fitting ceramic pot and created an arrangement of sticks between the two. It works great! The sticks are stable, don’t blow in the wind, and even if knocked they seem to stay in place.

The largest caterpillar appears to be getting close to forming its chrysalis.

Do caterpillars think? Probably not, but this one certainly looks as if its contemplating what to do next.

15 thoughts on “Phlutters – Here We Go Again/Part II

    1. Timelesslady

      I wish now I had brought them all in. It is amazing how easy it is. They have no idea they have been moved and just go on happily munching without being munched. 😁 Had to use the emoji with the ‘toothy’ grin for this reply.

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    1. Timelesslady

      Thanks…I get really concerned about the disappearing numbers of butterflies. I have great luck getting black swallowtails to use my host plants. Other butterflies visit my yard, love the zinnias, but they don’t seem to lay eggs. I need to find some more facts for planting host plants. I thank you again for the comment. 😊

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      1. I did some research and they say milkweed and lantana. I used to think milkweed was a poisonous plant for humans when I was in school- this plant used to grow all over the place as a weed and we called it a poisonous plant.
        Now I order milk weed seeds and try to grow them with care.

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        1. Timelesslady

          Susie, I am growing one type of milkweed I purchased in my herb garden. I am also trying to grow a sprout I grew from wild seeds, but it is not thriving yet. I have some seeds in my freezer. I think I am going to try planting those this week. Kathy

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