Place – June in Longwood Gardens

Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania.

When we visit Longwood in winter we briskly walk to the conservatory. In June, we take the opposite direction and stroll toward the lake.

The beautiful weather brings out many people to visit the gardens.

A gigantic frog floated unafraid as we passed by. He must see hundreds of people daily and is not fazed at all by being oohed and aahed over.

The water droplets in the fountains look like diamonds and the shapes they create are awesome.

I might sign up for solar if I could have flower power like this design instead of roof panels.

Birds were everywhere serenading the visitors.

There was something so serene in these fabric panels blowing in the wind. I want to  find a way to do something similar for a picnic or evening dinner. Thanks for  walking along with me today.


19 thoughts on “Place – June in Longwood Gardens

      1. They re pricey and I would guess that structural work may need to be done. But if you make he investment and stay with them it will surely pay off. I’m at my daughters here in Germany and they have them and the hot water is very hot!

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    1. Timelesslady

      Thanks so much Anne…I also like to see photos of who is writing the blog from time to time. The fountains have been redone and they are amazing.


  1. Wonderful walk with you through Longwood Gardens! It has been way too many years since I last visited. We used to take the kids often, including at Christmas to see all the decorated trees and poinsettias on display. You can never go wrong visiting Longwood Gardens, it offers so much all year long!

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