Phlutters – Hatched!

I found this beauty on my porch yesterday. It is outside in the world now, sipping nectar from the Spring flowers.

The Swallowtail emerged from this chrysalis, attached all winter to my porch screen by the finest of threads.

You can read more on saving Black Swallowtail butterflies here: Raising Swallowtail Butterflies

12 thoughts on “Phlutters – Hatched!

    1. Timelesslady

      I wish I had. I have caught this in the past, even filmed it once, but this time I found the butterfly just as the photograph shows. It surprised me. I can’t wait until I begin to see even more flying around the garden flowers.

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    1. Timelesslady

      It’s a thrill that never grows old for me…and yes, it is a great Bible lesson and reminder to me too…that I will change, and I am changing, just like that beautiful butterfly. Thanks for stopping by the blog today.

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