Phlutters -Backyard Butterflies Part I

After a slow start, the backyard has been full of butterflies. One of the flashiest is the Monarch. The zinnias draw the Monarchs in to fill up on the nectar. They land on the flat surface of the disk and drink from the individual ray florets surrounding the center. While they are occupied they will often allow close-up viewing for photographs and video.

Another flower they love is Asclepias curassavica commonly known as ‘Silky Gold’ Milkweed. This flower and its leaves are a host plant for the monarch caterpillar.

This milkweed floret is part of Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge. 

The caterpillars are poisonous to birds and other wildlife after eating the milkweed. The milkweed contains toxic cardenolides which keep some predators, but not all, away.

A week or two ago when I cut back a rose bush I uncovered a monarch chyrsalis on my siding.

Soon I found the newly hatched caterpillar clinging to the wall.

He dropped down to a mint plant and finished drying his wings. After a few hours he took his first flight to the upper branches of a pine tree.

A day or two later I spotted another chrysalis on the underside of a concrete lion statue I have on my patio. I’ll keep a close watch and see if I can witness the miracle as one emerges from the chrysalis.

20 thoughts on “Phlutters -Backyard Butterflies Part I

    1. Timelesslady

      What’s even more interesting is right befere they hatch the chrysalis turns black. I don’t know if you can see the casing of it in the photograph, but it appears to be clear after the butterfly emerges. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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        1. Timelesslady

          I think you are right…I live in NJ…usually I have a lot of mildew and leaf distress on the bottom of the plants by this time of year. So far, not too much of that. They really grew tall too…a couple taller than I am, and I am average in height.

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  1. I love the way you love butterflies, Kathy. The pictures of the butterfly’s journey from chrysalis to the fly stage was amazing – as you said, truly a miracle and one that can make us believe that – God is in his heaven and all will be right with the world.

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    1. Timelesslady

      Thanks Arlene, I love watching the butterflies and in the summer you can often find me in the garden with a camera in hand trying to capture them on film.


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