Preserving the Good – You’re a Grand Old Flag


I put our flag outdoors this morning and felt a touch of pride in the waving stars and stripes as they gently stirred in the morning breezes. I love my country, I love the people of my country, I love the land, the sea, the sky…not too impressed with the governing bodies at this point in time….but there is always hope! I salute the Red, White and Blue. God Bless the USA.

10 thoughts on “Preserving the Good – You’re a Grand Old Flag

  1. This may sound really weird, but I am not one to put a flag out. Not because I am unpatriotic or care if I send a snowflake into hiding, But because after 20 years in the army and multiple combat tours, I do not have to do anything to prove my loyalty or love for my country. I was willing to die for it. Want to see my loyalty, come on in and I will show you a shadow box full or medals.

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    1. Timelesslady

      I like to commemorate the special days with the flag. I didn’t serve in any of the forces, but I certainly admire those who have given so much. Thank you for protecting those who love our country, and even those who badmouth everything. There is always hope those who criticize will change one day.

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