Phlower – Pink Balsam

September brings an end to many of my garden flowers. If they have not gone to seed, they are falling victim to browning blossoms and leaves. I still have an outlet of admiration blooming in a side garden, a lovely pink Balsam I have named Leona’s Pink. My grandmother loved this shade, and so the name is perfect; she cultivated gentle colors in the garden, nothing brash was allowed in her flower beds.

The lovely flowers leave behind large seedpods. I’m hoping to collect many seeds in the next few days to plant next year. The seeds are large, easy to harvest and store for next year’s garden beds. The seedpods are self-scattering, and if care is not taken, can become invasive. Since the small plants have shallow roots and are easily removed, this has never been much of a problem for me. I often transplant the volunteers to new locations in early Spring.

Pink Balsam is posted in Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge.

9 thoughts on “Phlower – Pink Balsam

  1. The Balsams are so beautiful and delicate for such large flowers and they remind you of your grandmother, just like Hollyhocks remind me of my grandmother. My grandmother gave me seeds from her Hollyhocks but they did not take unfortunately.

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      1. I lost so much of my perennial garden at the first Polar Vortex (2013-2014) that I’m reluctant to plant any more perennials, but back when I got those seeds, I had no issues with other plants – perhaps they are not hardy to grow from seeds.


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