Photograph – Midweek Monochrome #120

Mid-Week Monochrome #120 – My mode of transportation yesterday, out in the woods, searching for robins. I am hoping to combine several of my photos into a watercolor painting. Recently, I captured a few moments on video of this happy robin bathing in a swamp. There was a sweet magic in the moment.

My creative side has been recharged in the pursuit of the perfect composition. I’ll keep a blog record of my progress on this watercolor on my Snippets Art Blog. With all the water included in the video and photograph below, I will also include this in the Water, Water, Everywhere Challenge from Photos by Jez.

Skunk Cabbage beginning to emerge in January.

9 thoughts on “Photograph – Midweek Monochrome #120

    1. It is a gorgeous swamp/wetlands plant, often growing in areas of damp underneath trees. It is luxurious in appearance, about waste high to me, and the leaves are large, a bit like a tropical leaf, very green. And yes, when you step on it, it smells like a skunk, it’s amazing! The robin was magical. The wood was filled with what seemed to be hundreds of them.

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    2. I thank you so much also for the reply. I researched the plant a bit just now…. it’s even more fascinating than I realized, and I know now why the robin was bathing in the water surrounding it. I definitely will be posting again about this amazing plant. Thanks.

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