Put in a Nutshell – A Year of Sundays #3

We’ve been having some major storms, tree limbs down, streets turned into rivers, power outages, but whatever the circumstances around me, inside, I want to be rejoicing and praising God.

I’m hoping to take part through the coming year in Tourmaline’s Color Your World Challenge, this week the theme color is black.

Each day, before the heat becomes too great and my resolve to have healthy habits melts, I take a morning walk. One of my daily jaunts found me walking the path beside Glen Lake. Beautiful dragonflies shimmer as they rest upon the bushes and reeds surrounding the water.

My coffee reflects the sky and the trees above me and becomes part of this week’s Skywatch Friday Challenge. Drinking coffee black has health benefits. I switched over from adding sugar and milk to drinking it black over a decade ago. I never have stomach upset as I sometimes did when adding milk and sugar. Black coffee is amazing!

The dark water around the lilypads seems colorless, but I see reflections and swirls and I begin to feel a little of Monet’s spirit prompting a bit of creative watercolor daydreaming.

I’ve been harvesting herbs and flowers to use in cooking and crafts. After drying in the dehydrator I give them added air time on a sweater hanger in a closet.

I am still sowing seeds. It’s too hot for tender greens outdoors so I am growing them in a sunny window. Arugula, Mesclun and Black-Seeded Simpson Lettuce are sprouting well. I’ll grow and thin them indoors and eat them as microgreens.

My winter sown pansies are still growing and blooming in the intense heat of July. They are part of Cee’s Flower of the Day. The deep purple of this pansy mimics the color black.

I’m reading two books at this time and listening to a third. Erik Larsons book, In the Garden of Beasts, tells the historical facts surrounding the beginning of Germany’s rise to power and the people involved. The story is told through the experiences of William Edward Dodd, Ambassador to Germany prior to the start of WWII, and his daughter, Martha.

I just started reading a book on techniques for saving seeds, Starting and Saving Seeds, by Julie Thompson-Adolf. My third book is an audio choice, read beautifully by LeVar Burton; the biography of Fred Rogers is creating in me an even greater admiration for the man and the path he forged for educational television.

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Perspective and Photo Challenge – The Devil is in the Details

This summer, our family joined together to celebrate a major birthday milestone my mother-in-law reached. All the details were carefully planned for an outdoor picnic at the Lake/Pool. The best plans can’t control the weather though. It rained off and on for most of the day…that is the bad news. The good news is that we had fun anyway and there were no summer crowds to contend with due to the grey skies.

The Devil certainly can be in the details, but sometimes when those details are sent askew heavenly things happen. Do you know what all the great-grandsons will remember about the birthday party? Of course, they will remember forever the amazing mudpit the rain created near the pavilion we picnicked in. All the finely planned details of decoration and food will be long forgotten but the feel of the mud squishing between toes will be a delight forever. The laughter of mud-spattered cousins will always peal in their memories as a reminder of childhood fun. It makes me realize that planning is great, but when things go awry there might be something even better on the horizon.

This post is part of A Photo A Week Challenge/The Devil is in the Details