Perspective and Photo Challenge – The Devil is in the Details

This summer, our family joined together to celebrate a major birthday milestone my mother-in-law reached. All the details were carefully planned for an outdoor picnic at the Lake/Pool. The best plans can’t control the weather though. It rained off and on for most of the day…that is the bad news. The good news is that we had fun anyway and there were no summer crowds to contend with due to the grey skies.

The Devil certainly can be in the details, but sometimes when those details are sent askew heavenly things happen. Do you know what all the great-grandsons will remember about the birthday party? Of course, they will remember forever the amazing mudpit the rain created near the pavilion we picnicked in. All the finely planned details of decoration and food will be long forgotten but the feel of the mud squishing between toes will be a delight forever. The laughter of mud-spattered cousins will always peal in their memories as a reminder of childhood fun. It makes me realize that planning is great, but when things go awry there might be something even better on the horizon.

This post is part of A Photo A Week Challenge/The Devil is in the Details

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