Peculiarities – Strange Centerpiece

Daffodil and Bettas 005

I’ll be the first to admit this is quite a strange centerpiece on my dining room table. If you look closely you can see the bettas that live inside the vases. The bettas thrive in these conditions, no matter what you might read to the contrary. In their natural environment wild bettas live in clogged rice paddies, and do not have long, trailing fins. The bettas above have been bred for captivity. My bettas do well, and are long-lived. One is nearing two years old. Their vases are on the large side and set close together so that each fish can see the others. Occasionally they will puff up their fins and display a bit of aggression, but in my opinion this keeps them interested and more active, which means a healthier fish.

Daffodil and Bettas 006

Daffodil and Bettas 007

Daffodil and Bettas 018

Daffodil and Bettas 030

Daffodil and Bettas 025

Daffodil and Bettas 027