Problem-Solving – Bleach Spots

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A big problem in the laundry room can be bleach spots.  Yes, I am sure you know the scenario if you’ve ever used beach, I am talking about the despicable and horrifying spot of bleached out color you often find on a pant leg or sleeve after using this super whitening agent. The cause is usually a bead of bleach running down the side of the bottle after pouring. This small droplet is usually not noticed by the person using the bleach. The run-off is then accidentally brushed by the cuff of a sleeve, or drips off the bottom and mars the leg of your pants.

I have found a solution. I cover-up with an old, scruffy bathrobe that I no longer wear at night.  I have the robe in the laundry room, always at the ready to throw over my clothing when I add bleach to anything. Whether I am using bleach for normal laundry days, or spraying it on mildewed shower walls, a bottle of opened bleach finds me wearing my big, all encompassing lavender robe. I might look a little funny, but I haven’t ruined any of my clothing for a long, long time.

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A solution for covering up white spots caused by bleach or normal wear and tear is Sharpie markers. The permanent ink, available in many colors, easily covers up white spots.