Plants – Morning Glory Blossom

Morning Glory Flower
Morning Glory Flower

In January, I posted on “Sprouting Morning Glories.” Today the first flower burst into bloom.


The vines are covered with buds. The fact behind this surprising abundance is morning glories grow lush vines in good soil, and produce more blooms than foliage in poor soil. Since each pot has five plants crammed into it, root space is at a premium, consequently the plants feel their survival is in jeopardy and they bloom for seed production, rather than wasting their energy on leaves.


The vines are using my venetian blinds as support and are happily climbing and twining up the slats, strings, and closure fixture.


I was surprised when the “Heavenly Blue” variety of morning glory bloomed pink. This could be due to growing indoors, or it might be the blossom of the one “sport” seed that grew different shaped leaves.

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