Photo Challenge – Pear Green

Cee’s color choice for this week’s Fun Foto Challenge is one of my favorites, pear green, or as some call it, chartreuse. We painted our front door and shutters a creamy yellow in the summer, and my lavender and silver Christmas decor created a hideous color combination with the yellow. To appease my sense of what color goes with yellow, I chose a rather different Christmas theme this year. It’s also a vague self-portrait.

Here’s another seasonal example of Pear Green: sunlight casting a luminous reflection through Jamestown blown glass.

Water, water, everywhere. A good fit for the Photos by Jez Challenge. This photograph is out of season. It is a summer photo, taken on the Glassboro/Williamstown bike trail. I wish I could have captured more of the enchanted nature of the place; a swamp covered in duckweed. The growth is so thick the water was completely obscured. Beneath a canopy of trees, the place took on an otherworldly appearance. Hopefully, it will grow again this coming summer, and I will capture better photographs with a camera rather than my phone. I think this is a good example of pear green too.

Plants – Wave Petunias

You can count on the variety of bedding plants called, “Proven Winners” to live up to the promise in their name. Wave petunias, proven winners, in a gorgeous shade of pink, grace the entry into my home. The soft glowing color reminds me of my Grandmother who loved this shade of pink. All summer, they will bloom and continue to cascade over the edge of their pot. I have planted these petunias near the front porch and in two hanging baskets in the front garden. They combine well with lantana and the chartreuse green shade of sweet potato vines.