Photographs – Summer Creativity

A seashore or bay town is usually a boon to the creative spirit of its inhabitants. This horizontal line-up of birdhouses on the porch of a trailer in Fortescue, New Jersey, is a testament to creativity, and also a good photo for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Horizontal Lines.

I was surprised to find CREATIVITY listed as a virtue by Virtues for Life. This virtue, for me personally, is a lot easier to achieve than some of the stickier virtues…such as ‘Flexibility or Detachment,’ two virtues I have trouble following at times.

Another good example of horizontal lines is this flat-bottomed boat appropriately named, ‘The Greenhead Hotel.’ If you’ve ever been to the Delaware Bay or another New Jersey salt marsh in summer you won’t need to be told what greenhead implies. Once bitten by a greenhead fly you will never forget the name or the big pinch of the bite.

I’ll close this post with one of my favorite quotes on creativity.

Background – Elephant Ear leaf.

Plant Tips – Vacationing on the Porch

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Alocasia x amazonica

I enjoy giving my houseplants a vacation outdoors on the back porch in the summertime. The reason is self-evident in the photograph above. Look at the size of that new leaf growing in the small pot. I think I need to repot today!

There are many varieties of Elephant Ears. The smaller types make good houseplants. Here is a bit of information: Growing Elephant Ears as Houseplants

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