Pleasures – Yard Sales

I love yard sale season. This past Saturday my husband and I browsed Wenonah, New Jersey’s, town-wide yard sale. We both found treasures: extra-large brandy snifters for terrariums, vases, coffee mugs, books, etc., what bounty, and so much fun for under 10.00. My favorite finds were solid brass giraffes for 50 cents apiece. I love the look of brass amongst ivy. The colors and simplicity of each complement the other. The brass figurines add a touch of the magical to the wide expanse of the ivy bordering our back yard.

Another favorite purchase was Donald Trump, the doll. He is a find for us since we enjoy watching  “Celebrity Apprentice” every week. We were even more intrigued to discover that he can talk. Push a button on his back and all of “The Donald’s” best one-liners will play, and yes, he does say, “You’re fired.”