Photo Challenge – X Marks the Spot

Photo Challenge – Gone But Not Forgotten – Strathmere, NJ – X Marks the Spot
Show us something that is lost, but not forgotten.


My husband, our children, and our children’s children all love the beaches at Strathmere. The trouble is Strathmere beaches are prone to erosion.


I’ve always loved this picturesque grouping of pilings that form an X on the beach. I will joke with my husband and say, “There is buried treasure under there.” Several years ago these same pilings were covered over in a beach replenishment project. Strathmere beach, for a time, was a wide, smooth stretch of fine white sand and nothing else. The Atlantic Ocean had other ideas though, in just a few years, the pounding waves, and N’or Easters, much like the one we are experiencing this week, uncovered the pilings once again.

1 strathmere

The ocean is fickle though, and just as easily could throw a blanket of sand back over the pilings during a wicked storm or hurricane. So these pilings, and this beach on the Jersey Shore, were the perfect answer to this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge.

More information about Strathmere beach erosion can be found at Erosion – and what to do about it – worries Strathmere homeowners

Places – Strathmere & Cape May, New Jersey


One of my favorite destinations is Strathmere, New Jersey. Only a few miles from Ocean City, Strathmere is a non-commercial beach town. A few years ago the beach was replenished and all the pilings were under the sand. After last winter’s N’or Easters, the pilings have emerged once again to see the light of day. I like the look of the pilings, but I can understand the frustration of those who live near the beach too.



I’ve always called this group of pilings “X marks the spot.” They criss cross each other like a giant X.



This old bunker is on Cape May Point. It is a leftover from World War II.  You can find information pertaining to its history here: Cape May Bunker