Pheathers – Jubilant



JUBILANT – The emotion I felt upon finding a robin’s nest within my wisteria bush.

Birds visiting my yard and feeders is one of my chief joys, I was delighted to discover a beautiful robin’s nest this week. Now, I must tiptoe around it, and hope the mother does not abandon her roost when lawn mowers and other noisy machines create a racket.

Perspective & Prose – Small Luxuries: Violets, Robin’s Eggs & Anne Shirley

There are some blessed with more money than they know what to do with, others have just enough, and then there are the rest of us who make-do with what we have and keep appliances, furniture and clothing for as long as we possibly can.


Frugality is a good habit to develop, and a good way to live, but all of us now and then need the boost of a small luxury. For me this usually means a houseplant, a new art supply or something for the garden.

African Violets can often be found for a dollar or two, but a year or so ago I spotted a sample of this beautiful violet at the Philadelphia Flower Show and just had to have it. I don’t know if it was the frilly edge of green circling each petal, or maybe the name “Mystic Mermaid,” but my heart pitter-pattered and I reached for my wallet at the African Violet plant stand. The violet I purchased was double, perhaps triple the price of a grocery store violet, and consisted of half a dozen leaves, but I took the speedline home with daydreams of the plant blooming in my home. It has taken quite awhile for my violet to fulfill my dreams, but it has been worth the wait.


We all need a few small luxuries in our lives. I still get excited about robin’s egg pieces I find when walking in the Spring. I carry them home in the cradle of my palm, but they are extremely fragile, and shatter in a few weeks. Love for the real thing makes me quite the pushover for ceramic, wood and papier-mache robin’s eggs that are often found in shops in the Springtime. These also make my heart go pitter pat. Another small luxury that adds a bit of joy to my life.

Did you happen to notice the backdrop to my photographs? A page from “Anne of Green Gables” seems so appropriate as a backdrop for my small luxuries. The character of Anne Shirley found joy in small things and was thrilled over the loveliness in the world around her. If you’ve never read this book, please do, it is a wonderful story for all ages. There is also an excellent mini-series available in most public libraries based on the Anne of Green Gables books.

And so…this brings me to the end of my post. It might seem a little trivial, but it is just a reminder to those of us in throes of Winter with its diminished sun and cold temperatures; be good to yourself and indulge in a small luxury this week. It will bring a little rush of Springtime to your heart. Blessings!