Place & People – Jamaica/The People

Jamaica is amazingly beautiful, but I think her best resource is her people. Noel, our favorite taxicab driver was a real blessing to us during our stay. He drove us to local beaches and neighborhoods and showed us the real Jamaica. He played beautiful gospel music in the cab as he drove.

Talia and Tanish, creative entrepreneurs, we bought some custom t-shirts, bags, hats and jewelry from their shop. Sweet ladies.

Lorna, hair-braider and shop owner extraordinaire, smiling her gorgeous smile.

Roy, another shop owner, “Yea Mon!”

Another of my very favorite local people, Bruce, talented seashell and starfish hunter. His finds are gorgeous and to me priceless. Joe and I loved spending time talking to Bruce and listening to his stories of how he spends his days.

Marcy, a local lady, who set up shop right on the beach. She found for me the perfect island dress in her big bags of product. She had an amazing smile and was so gracious to us as we searched for the perfect garment.

The resort is all-inclusive. The bartenders are always on call whether you want to indulge in island rum and pineapple, Joe’s favorite treat, or a Paw-Paw Daiquiri, non-alcoholic and very frosty, a bit like a snowcone in a glass, my favorite drink.

We went to almost every show they put on in the evening. The activities crew at the Royal Decameron is top notch. Thank you Jamaica for your hospitality and the perfect week of vacation.