Phun – Beary Nice Day

Did you hear about the Teddy Bear Scavenger Hunts? I don’t always follow the crowd, but this fun idea is too wonderful to miss participating in. Children, walking around neighborhoods, are going on scavenger hunts. Teddy Bears are fun to hunt! Since I have Teddy Bears in the house, I placed them in my front window. Two are very old, passed down to me from my grandmother. Since this is the grandmother who told wonderful stories about dolls and stuffed animals coming to life, I know she would approve. What a good distraction from all the mess surrounding us right now.

“God Bless Us, Every One!” ~Tiny Tim (Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol)

In the same token, this activity reminds me of an amazing show I’ve begun watching, ‘The Chosen,’ on PureFlix.

Through this trying time of dealing with Covid-19, I want to live with the pure faith of a child.

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”
~ Matthew 19:14(NIV)

Phun & Philm – Sleepovers, Scavenger Hunts and Dragons

This post is for all the wonderful people who create fun for the little people in their lives. My grandsons love scavenger hunts. It’s been awhile since they have slept over so I wanted to have a special movie night for them. First we’ll barbecue some shish kabob on the grill, then we’ll have a scavenger hunt all around the house. I’ve hidden quite a stash of items in various hiding spots, all with a movie night theme.


I’ll give each of them a basket, the first clue, and there will be some wild scampering around the house to find the treasures and the next clue.


I have several movies on hand for them to choose from tonight. One of those is Pete’s Dragon. We all saw it together a few months ago in the theater. It is now available on DVD, and because I loved the story as much as they did, I bought a copy for all of us to share. Disney Films, Robert Redford, Bryce Dallas Howard, the children who play the leading roles, along with Pete the Dragon, do a wonderful job in making this story magical.


Phun – Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

I recently set up a Scavenger Hunt for my two grandsons, ages 6 1/2 and 4. What fun I had as I composed and hid clues around the house. A few of my chosen spots were: the straw hat on the banister, under Papa’s shoe, inside a ceramic heart, hidden in the basket of a decorative figure, underneath a green book on a table. My oldest grandson was able to read or sound out the clues himself.  Almost all of the rooms in the house had a clue to find. I made sure there was plenty of scampering upstairs and down. Finally, the search ended behind the door of the chifforobe in the dining room. Two helium balloons were there with some dollar bills tied up in their string. This “phun” activity was a big success.

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