Phascination – Cocoons

I’ve had this cocoon hanging on a shelf for many months. I’ve become so used to its presence it has been nearly forgotten, until last night…

Yes, the photograph tells the story, a moth was born, a very large moth. I was dozing, almost dreaming, when the sound of beating wings filled the room. Our television was still on, and I think the light drew the newly emerged moth. At first we thought it was a bat, the moth was that large. We quickly grabbed a towel to throw over it. Thankfully, it dawned on me that the moth had left it’s cocoon. The moth landed on the floor, and I placed my hand beneath it’s feet. It climbed aboard, I cupped my other hand over it, and we let it escape into the night through our bedroom window.

I think it was a Polyphemus Moth. My only regret is I was not aware the moth was emerging and missed watching the birth. He or she is out there in the night now, meeting other moths and doing what moths do.

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