Peace – Swinging

I have always loved to swing. When I was young my grandparents would take my sister and I to a park in Newport News, Virginia, overlooking the James River. We would feed the ducks there and also swing on the large swingsets. I must have been three or four years old, and I remembering wondering, in a mixture of excitement and fear, if my Uncle Johnny would push me so high I would fly in a big circle over the top and back round again. I can tell you I held on very tight.

I have a swing in my backyard, not just for my grandsons, it’s there for me too. My husband and I found the perfect board, a piece of driftwood on the banks of the Chesapeake. We brought it home, sanded off any rough edges, and drilled a few holes in the side for the rope. Before we put it into place, I wrote this on the bottom and we both signed our names:

“This piece of driftwood was found on the banks of the Chesapeake in April of 2008, near Northeast, Maryland & Elk Neck State Forest. They (Kathy & Joe) were camping in the Scamp.”

2 thoughts on “Peace – Swinging

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