Painting – Making Color Charts

I love the look of bubbles, and I am hoping to paint a portrait of my two older grandsons blowing bubbles in my backyard. Where to begin when painting bubbles is the question? There are so many colors within the translucent and delicate orbs. I decided to isolate the colors in the “PAINT” program on my computer. I pasted the bubble picture onto a new document and using the eye-dropper tool experimented with a few of the colors. Oh my! Countless shades and colors make up a bubble. It will be quite a challenge to paint them, but I am hoping to give it a try. Here are the sample color charts I made up using my paint program.

Here’s a closer look at the color charts.

Wish me luck! I’ll be trying to do this in acrylics. I have painted with watercolor for years, but suddenly am tired of the time it takes to carry out a good watercolor painting, and bottom line…I am tired of fiddling around with them trying to get everything perfect. Acrylics are a little more forgiving of mistakes. I suppose now I have to stop all my chart-making and planning and actually begin painting a picture. SMILE!

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