Preparedness – Sleeping Warm

When my husband and I camp in the late autumn or winter it is usually near or at freezing at some point through the night. Dressing right for sleeping is important if we want to get a good night’s rest.

Our area recently went through Hurricane Sandy. Many areas were without electricity for weeks, the nighttime temperatures were very cold. I remember hearing a woman on a newscast state she could not get warm enough to sleep at night.

Whether you are camping or in an emergency situation, it is good to know the proper steps to take to sleep warm. Be prepared.

Through I found some good tips:

1. Go to Bed Warm
2. Fuel Up
3. Drink Water
4. Wear the Proper Clothing
5. Use Hot Water Bottles
6. Wear a Hat
7. Keep your nose and mouth outside blankets or sleeping bag
8. Keep off the ground
9. Wear socks
10. Shake up your sleeping bag to redistribute insulation.

To read more fully developed directions on each of the ten points above go to: How to Sleep Warm

I printed out the tips to put into my preparedness notebook.

Thanks so much for your comments. They fill my life with sunshine.

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