Perspective – The Ostrich

ostrich 2 (2)

They call the wave of reforms and liberal mindset flooding this country “tolerance,” but it is really an insidious tsunami thrusting us toward total control. I don’t need to list the horrifying reversal of many of our freedoms or point the finger at anyone in particular. Even those who have claimed “nothing is amiss” in the past cannot pretend they don’t see what is happening now. Regardless of the confusing new departments, tax increases, executive orders, and healthcare imposed upon us, alive in the hearts of most citizens is love for our country and fellow Americans. What’s to be done? Can the damage be reversed? How do we begin? I guess my first step is this gentle protest.

What is your gentle protest? I suggest that we all cast our eyes toward heaven, sink on bended knees and pray, believing in a righteous and merciful God who hears our pleas, and who delights in the fervent and faithful prayers of those who serve Him.

Wake up America! Ostriches with their heads in the sand, might find that the sand is really quick-dry cement.

6 thoughts on “Perspective – The Ostrich

  1. Sue

    We need to keep our eyes on our Lord & continue to pray for His endless mercy & grace… without Him…we have NO HOPE…with Him… miracles abound….

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