Postcards – Valentines Part 1

Valentine 2

Collecting antique postcards and reading the messages is a favorite pastime of mine. I think these beautiful postal Valentine’s are lovely. The postcard above has no message or address. I wonder if it was purchased early, slipped into a drawer, and forgotten. Or perhaps the loving sentiment for the intended departed before the day arrived. We’ll never know.

Here are a few more with the messages translated as well as I was able to read the old-fashioned script.

The one below is my favorite. I delight in long and rambling messages.  I also love this style of postcard, a painting with a landscape scene included.

valentine 1

postcard 1

Dear Morgan,
You ought to come (?) – while the sledding lasts it is fine. Come (?) all are well Mrs Hines is with us now sick. With love, Henry

This card above was mailed from Ardmore, Pennsylvania to Philadelphia in February of 1910.

valentine 3

postcard 2

This card reads, “From Catherine Knight”

The card above was mailed on February 14, 1910 from Robbinston, ME.

valentine 4

postcard 3

I love the gorgeous writing on this postcard. There is no message, only a name and address written in a beautiful hand. The  postal pictured above was mailed on February 13, 1907.

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