Plants & Projects – Terrarium Lids and Chairs

Terrarium with crystal lid

I’ve been experimenting with lichen covered branches and bark in an attempt to create a fairy chair that will actually be alive and growing inside a terrarium. I think I succeeded with the mossy concept when I crafted the chair shown above, but I am not happy at all with the appearance of the miniature replica. It has no fey appeal or magical delicacy. To my mind, it calls to mind a gnarly resting place for the local gnome or troll instead.

I do like the papery thin, empty insect pod I used as a fairy basket. It is filled with several pieces of milkweed fluff, which when tossed into the air become floating fairy wishes. I can just imagine a sweet woodland lady sitting down and spinning the soft strands into gossamer yarn.

Aesthetics aside, a good tip for covering a terrarium is to use a shallow glass bowl  or dish for a lid. This crystal lid fits nicely on top of my odd-shaped garden. I’ll keep trying to come up with a way to create the fragile, yet strong, fairy furniture I desire. Until then, “Calling all gnomes!”

2 thoughts on “Plants & Projects – Terrarium Lids and Chairs

  1. I think it’s lovely! And a great idea. I’ve been thinking about trying to grow a to-scale garden for my dolls this year, maybe I’ll make them a to-scale seat to go in it! Best wishes


    1. timelesslady

      Thanks…I’m going to keep trying with the furniture…the outside fairy garden is something my grandsons enjoy. Good luck on your doll garden this year. Post pics. Kathy


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