Peculiarities – Seventeen Year Cicadas


We recently camped in Belleplain State Forest amid the “singing” of seventeen year cicadas, or in technical terms, Periodical Cicadas. My husband and I both thought the sound they created was much like an old Sci-Fi movie when flying saucers descended upon the earth. I’ve included a version here of the sound. You can read more information about the cicadas here: Periodical cicadas


The cicadas leave behind their eerie exoskeletons after emerging from the ground.


The ground is covered with holes from which the cicadas emerged.

You can hear their song on the video I took amid the trees of Belleplain.

3 thoughts on “Peculiarities – Seventeen Year Cicadas

  1. We were in Cincinnati about two cycles ago when the 17-year cicadas were out. We were watching a Reds baseball game and the park was crawling with these creatures. I inadvertently smashed one that had crawled up my pants leg. It was one amazing sight to see them buzzing around.

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