Peculiarities – Tiny Tadpoles/The Final Edition

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My tiny tadpoles are both a success and a sob story.

Success – The tadpoles have flourished in a small container being fed boiled romaine lettuce. They are quickly metamorphosizing into frogs or toads. I still have not figured out which species they will ultimately become.

Sob story – After a July 4th weekend camping trip, we arrived home to a small toad clinging onto the side of the rock. I was captivated by the small scrap of life. He had only a stump of tail left, and I knew he would soon have the ability to begin jumping. I resolved to place the container into the garden in a shaded place the next day. The next day arrived only to begin with the discovery of the body of the first toad to morph. I realized that on the screen porch he had begun to need insects to eat and there were few or none. I immediately placed the container outdoors in a sheltered spot and added more water, rocks and a piece of wood that reached the top of the container.

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Success – The rest of the tadpoles/frogs seem to be doing fine. I boiled up some more romaine for those who are still  in the in between stage of development and checked on the ones who are near total metamorphosis. Every tadpole seems to be doing well right now. Hopefully, in a few days I will have an empty container and be happy in the knowledge that the small toads/frogs are alive somewhere in my yard.

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Can  you see the almost developed frog/toad on the end of the wood, and the still developing tadpole on the rock?

Here’s a close-up of the frog/toad. My final thoughts on the adventure. I’m very glad I saved the tadpoles. When I first observed them in the puddles I also saw red-winged blackbirds plucking them out of the water as an easy meal. I knew that in their quickly evaporating puddle not many would survive.  I’m glad I saved a few. I feel bad about the one that didn’t make it, but have high hopes for all the others. Would I do it again? Oh yes!

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3 thoughts on “Peculiarities – Tiny Tadpoles/The Final Edition

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  2. Did they come back the next year for breeding?
    We have a fine collection in our wildlife pool. Last year we had hundreds of tadpoles. It was like tadpole soup! My husband re-homed several bucketfuls in a nearby stream, some unfortunately got eaten by a larger frog, but then a whole bunch of them never matured into frogs. We still have lots of now very large tadpoles. Very strange.
    I can here a frog calling (if that’s the right word) outside the window now. If he manages to attract a mate…

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