Projects – Milk Carton Greenhouse

I’m re-blogging this post because it was a successful project. The lettuce grew on all through the winter, and while I didn’t eat many sprouted leaves mid-winter, it grew luxuriantly in the early days of Spring. The leaves were ready to harvest and eat before any other lettuce I planted. Black-seeded Simpson is one of my all-time favorites. The flavor is excellent and the color is gorgeous, a beautiful lime green.

Today, as I washed out yet another milk carton I wondered if I should use it or recycle. Recycling lost out as an idea formed. I cut the bottom of the carton off and decided to use it as a cloche. I found some unused seed, Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce, and went out into the garden. I cleared away some leaves, set down a one layer square of a paper napkin as my guide, and lightly sowed the seed. I also added a bit of organic potting soil beneath the napkin and lightly covered the seed with the same. A little water, the carton pushed a few inches into the soil, and the project was complete. From idea start to finish less than a half hour spent.

I added a beautiful beach rock to the top to hold it steady. Now, we’ll see how it goes…hopefully in two weeks or so I can use the sprouted leaves in salad, and in a few weeks more harvest the larger leaves. I’ll keep the blog updated.

2 thoughts on “Projects – Milk Carton Greenhouse

    1. timelesslady

      Thanks for checking out the post. Some of my favorite posts are buried in the archives, so I thought in the midst of a busy December it would be a good time to pull a few back to the front. 🙂


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