Problem-solving – Two on Tuesday/Tulip Bulb Forcing-The Crash and Burn

Today is a “Two on Tuesday” post. First post-the bad news, my tulip bulb forcing project has crashed and burned.


I would much rather have left this admission out of the blog posts, BUT, on my “Hello” page I promised to post about the projects that “crash and burn” for me. I am not sure what went wrong with the bulbs. Should I have been more careful about the water level? Would forcing each bulb in a separate container be a better choice? In hindsight, I should have misted the foliage every day, maybe twice. Was the sunny window too hot and bright for the foliage? I didn’t take into account that the sun’s rays would be magnified through not only the windowpanes, but through the glass of the vase also. To be honest the last explanation seems the most feasible to me. I will try again next year…for sure!

2 thoughts on “Problem-solving – Two on Tuesday/Tulip Bulb Forcing-The Crash and Burn

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