Photograph – Mourning Dove


Today was gorgeous here in New Jersey. I took a long walk around the park at Alcyon Lake. As I strolled, a shiny gleam caught my attention. A beautiful dove was intently watching me. She was still…not moving at all, blending into the drab foliage and bark around her. Only her beautiful eyes gave her away. I was thrilled to see her, but also sad, she has built her nest too close to the walking path. Many people pass by every day, many of them with their dogs on a leash. When her babies hatch and begin to peep, she won’t find it easy to blend in and keep her nest a secret. Below is the same birdie with the zoom lens in place.


Stay safe Mama Bird.

4 thoughts on “Photograph – Mourning Dove

  1. What I have done in the past, is capture mama & the nest(eggs/babies & all) bring them home with me & put them in a cage till the babies are old enough to be on their own. Now during this time, I will not interact with mama or the babies, nor will I allow anyone else to. One side of the cage is always blocked with material so they can not see me…the side that I block is the side with the food & water.

    When it comes time to let them go, I will take them back to the same area I found them in(a secluded area) & then open the box they are in to set them free.

    I’m very protective of wildlife, but will not mess with them unless it is absolutely necessary…and then, I try to have as little impact as possible on them.


    1. timelesslady

      Hi James, That sounds like the perfect way to care for a bird in trouble. This dove is in a public park. I could possibly let the caretakers know how close she is to the walking trail, and perhaps they will help her out. Maybe no one else will notice her.


      1. That’s possible, but I would not hold my breath on it….most of them do not care about the flora & fauna, they just want the paycheck…

        It is my prayer that GOD’s Will be done in this matter.


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