Photo Challenge – Weather Vane Wednesday/Alcyon Lake Park

In Pitman, NJ, the town next door to mine, you will find Alcyon Lake Park. The stock car weather vane pays homage to the days when racing took place on the grounds.

“Alcyon Speedway
Alcyon Speedway was a 1/2 mile D shaped oval located on the west side of Pitman, New Jersey.
Historical Note:
The original track on the site was a 1/3 mile bicycle track which opened in 1895. It was expanded to 1/2 mile for horse racing around 1909-1910. Auto racing occured here in 1909, from 1919 to 1925, and from 1935 through 1942. After WWII, the track operated from May 30th 1946 through July 1960.”
~ North American Motorsports

The park is a terrific place to walk as it has a little bit of everything: woods, wildflower fields, and a beautiful lake on one side.

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Pheathers – Old Blue Eyes

Near my home is a park I have visited since I was seven years old. I take my grandchildren to the same park, although now the “dangerous” playground equipment we adored has been replaced by a one-piece plastic structure. Yesterday, I took a bike ride, with a bag of old cereal strung across my handlebars. My destination was the park and the goose who rules there, the white goose with the blue eyes.

ducks 4

I call her Old Blue Eyes, but she responds to anyone carrying a bag that might be filled with goodies for geese and ducks. The moment I scattered the stale Rice Krispies on the ground a feeding frenzy began. Some of the wild geese/mallard ducks in the park have become domesticated because of injury. At this time of year, when food is scarce, a little grain in the form of cereal might help them survive.

Old Blue Eyes Collage

Old Blue Eyes 2

Photograph – Mourning Dove


Today was gorgeous here in New Jersey. I took a long walk around the park at Alcyon Lake. As I strolled, a shiny gleam caught my attention. A beautiful dove was intently watching me. She was still…not moving at all, blending into the drab foliage and bark around her. Only her beautiful eyes gave her away. I was thrilled to see her, but also sad, she has built her nest too close to the walking path. Many people pass by every day, many of them with their dogs on a leash. When her babies hatch and begin to peep, she won’t find it easy to blend in and keep her nest a secret. Below is the same birdie with the zoom lens in place.


Stay safe Mama Bird.