Problem-Solving – Critter Prevention

Recharging…Resting…Rejuvenating… In the meantime, I’m re-blogging some of my best garden posts. Happy Spring!

pictures test 004

At first glance this photograph resembles goldfish swimming in a large school. In reality what you are seeing is a layer of hot peppers, covered with oil, simmering OUTSIDE ON THE PORCH in a crockpot. Only adults wearing protection on their hands, and possibly a mask over their mouth and nose, should concoct this brew. After a few hours simmering, I strain out the peppers and keep the resulting oil in a jar. The oil itself did not cause me any distress when I gingerly sniffed it, but when I cleaned the crockpot in water, the steam from the hot water rinse made me gasp a bit as it was loaded with hot pepper particles.

I have been using this on the edges of pots of sunflowers that I am growing outdoors until time to plant in the ground. Every year most of my sunflowers and many other seedlings are nipped off by squirrels, rabbits and chipmunks. To combat this in the past I have tried chili powder sprinkled around my plants, but as soon as rain or heavy dew falls, “Nip, Nibble, Nip,” and all my careful plantings are ruined. There is no cruelty to the animals in using this oil. Their noses are so ultra-sensitive they should be able to smell the heat at least a yard away. I do have to make sure I explain to my grandsons why they must not touch or even walk near the pots. The smallest drop on a fingertip could seriously irritate their eyes.

This method of pest control is organic. Take precautions in using and it should help in repelling rodent and other pests.

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