Posies – The Garden Path – Iris Bouquets


I love iris plants. I enjoy cutting each of the varieties I grow for beautiful vased arrangements in the house. Even the buds on an iris flower stalk are fascinating. Beginning as tightly furled points, they gradually open into rounded balloon shapes before bursting into a blossom that resembles a floral cathedral. I love to peer into the inner recesses of an iris flower. There is a sense of the spiritual for me as I gaze at the detail created by God. The light filtering through the outer petals into the inner chamber of the flower cannot be duplicated by anything manmade.


An iris is an easy flower to use in a floral arrangement. Cut near the base of the plant to remove the stalk. Unopened buds, just beginning to unfurl are the best choices for cutting. Recut to the length you want, trimming the stem on an angle, place in room temperature water. Iris can be combined with other flowers in floral arrangements. In the first photograph I have combined purple iris with yellow lamium. The iris will last for several days. When the first few blossoms wither, pull or cut away from the stem. The lower buds will then begin to open.

Thanks so much for your comments. They fill my life with sunshine.

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