Paths – Heislerville, Delaware Bay, Bird Nesting Grounds Part Two


We enjoyed this terrific bike trail that led along the river/bay. Cedar trees stood in a row like a line of sentinels guarding the pathway.


We stopped when we glimpsed fish jumping out of the water. You can just barely see the outline of the fish in the photo. It is spawning at the edge of the little peninsula of land jutting out into the water. The fish were quite large. A passerby told us he thought they might be Stripers. They appeared to be making nests in the shallows.

Information on Striped Bass


This enormous cedar tree was at the end of the trail. I thought it look magical, the root system had risen out of the ground creating a look of antiquity. I would love to know how old the cedar is. The lot it stands on is for sale, oh my, I would buy the whole lot just for the tree if I could. If you ever visit this area of southern New Jersey bring your bike and binoculars.

4 thoughts on “Paths – Heislerville, Delaware Bay, Bird Nesting Grounds Part Two

  1. I have traveled extensively throughout all of New Jersey(used to drive a 18 wheeler) & I know what you mean…It’s a very beautiful state….

    I had about 400 – 500 rolls of film that I shot during the years I traveled through there… about 4 or 5 years ago, I took all the pics & put them on CD’s….about 25 CD’s I have somewhere.


    1. timelesslady

      New Jersey does have beautiful places too…North Jersey is a lot of city, and although we are getting more crowded here in South Jersey all the time, there are still many beautiful places.


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