Plant & Problem-Solving – Campanula punctata


I’m a little embarrassed to admit an error I have made for several years. My mistake? Cutting down and actually trying to root out the beautiful plant in the photograph above. The reason: I forgot I planted it, and the look of the foliage reminded me of a rampant weed that invades my garden. So of course, I worked hard each Spring to eradicate the intruder from my flower bed.


This year the foliage returned, lusher and more determined than in past years. Because the extra-snowy winter we experienced had killed off many of my bushes and perennials, I decided the glowing foliage really wasn’t bad in appearance, and perhaps the green would be a good foil for the mandevilla plant I was growing in a pot nearby. Imagine my surprise when small buds began to form. I decided they were going to open into the insignificant flowers of a weed. Within a few days the buds became more interesting, opening a week or two ago into beautiful purple-flecked bells.

Oh my, I’m in love with this plant. I researched the flower image on the Internet and identified it as Campanula punctata, commonly known as a bellflower. Campanula punctata can be a bit invasive, but is also graceful, beautiful, and as my cutting revealed…very persistent in growth. Once again, I’m reminded to write every plant name and location down, and keep a permanent record of all my garden plantings.


Here’s a bit more information on this lovely plant: Campanula Punctata

2 thoughts on “Plant & Problem-Solving – Campanula punctata

  1. JaneM

    Beautiful bloom. It somewhat reminds me a bit of a lily, my favorite flower. In years past, I would see patches of bright orange wild tiger lilies growing by the side of the road and considered it Mother Nature’s free garden.


    1. We have a lot of tiger lilies here…funny you should mention it. I had just taken an old sketch out of a drawer that I composed years ago, and it was of a tiger hiding in a patch of tiger lilies. I said to myself I need to finish this one day. I’m going to consider you mentioning tiger lilies as a sign…Uh-oh sounds like a blog post to me! Thanks so much Jane! 🙂


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