7 thoughts on “Psalms – Psalm 119:66

  1. One thought comes to mind about this Psalm….
    What is there not to be believed?

    He has proven that he IS GOD over a thousand times…and every one of those times is in the Holy Bible.

    He has smitten down those who oppose him, those who suppress his people, & has risen up those who worship him…

    So I ask again, what is there that is not to be believed?

    There is only 1 GOD, and his name is NOT Allah, Buddah, Krell or anything else other than The Great I AM.


      1. Just as the flowers needs the rain, we Christians need each other for support, comfort, guidance towards our Heavenly Father, and numerous other things…
        You have become a great friend to me & my wife….and I feel it’s the least I can do to help you in any way I can, by passing along a wee bit of knowledge or wisdom or….whatever else I can do for you & your family.

        You are after all, my Sister in Christ.


    1. Lady Christine:
      I feel like I am a very rich & blessed man….
      I have a Savior who paid a debt he did not owe, I have a lovely wife whom I love dearly & also loves me dearly, And last but certainly not the least, I have a friend that is more wonderful than I know the words for.
      It is my Prayer, That GOD should bless both of these women& let them know just how precious they are…


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