Prose, People & Place – The Dirty Life/Kristin Kimball Blog/Essex Farm

life on farm:

Okay, I’ll admit it, I am only on page 51 of The Dirty Life. Why am I already raving about this book in a blog post? Well…because…oh the joy of it…I found a blog written by Kristin Kimball and I wanted to share it here: Kristin Kimball Blog

I am enjoying the book, much as a person who is hungry devours a perfect meal. The book is leaving me with an uplifted spirit after each reading. As I read through the first chapters, it was easy to imagine myself, along with Mark and Kristin, on a hunt for the perfect farm. In the next section, titled “Winter,” I will be reading about the planning stages of the farm.

When I searched Google Images for photographs of the farm, oh happy day, I found the blog. I can’t wait to explore some of the posts. Visit the Essex farm today, either through the book, or the blog, or both. You won’t be disappointed.

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