People & Perspective – Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey

What is your testimony? As I watched this Youtube video I instantly was reminded of the multitudes that will be in heaven, cheering for the Lord Jesus Christ. I look forward with joy at being a part of that multitude one day. I don’t want anyone to miss being in that crowd! I also want to spread the Good News while I am here on earth. This video is a good example of using the gift God has bestowed on us to share the Good News. Steve Harvey’s gift is not my gift. I enjoy blogging and sharing my love for God through written words. I might not reach thousands of people in my lifetime, but even if I reach just one…it is important to that one. How can you spread the Good News? If a desire to do so is truly in our heart, God WILL show you the way! Blessings on your day.

6 thoughts on “People & Perspective – Steve Harvey

  1. Too many “Christians” and other religious people try to shove their religion down everyone’s throat by shouting & screaming at them….what they fail to understand is, those tha they are screaming & shouting to, are tuning them out & not listening to what they say.

    Then you have the quiet ones.
    You know the kind,…they will follow the word of GOD to the letter, or to the best of their ability, but they are not the kind to “preach” the word of GOD…
    Instead, they do their best to lead others to Christ Jesus by leading by example….

    Consciously or subconsciously, they know that those that will tune out a scream or a shout, will strain themselves to hear a whisper.

    This is the type of person I am.
    I will often “act like a clown” to lift people’s spirits, but then I use that as an opportunity to reveal Christ Jesus to them.

    I refuse to scream to or at them.
    I refuse to shout to or at them.
    Instead I whisper…
    most times drawing in the full undivided attention.

    My motto in life has always been,

    “If I can change just one person’s life for the better
    (better for them NOT me)
    Then my life has not been wasted.”

    That one person, will cross the paths of about 1.5 MILLION people in their life time….

    If that one person can do just 1/4 of what I TRY to do, that’s about 375,000 changed lives for Christ Jesus.

    So yes, 1 person CAN touch the lives of many…

    With Christ Jesus, ANYTHING is possible.


      1. I’m all for cheering….
        I think we should cheer as much and as loud as GOD allows or commands…
        It is the screaming and shouting that I dislike….

        I just needed to clarify my comment & where I was coming from.


        1. No worries…I often have to edit things I write…love that edit button…often the words don’t quite express my exact thoughts or intention…I’m right there with you James. 🙂


          1. one of my greatest fears, is that I will say or do something to make someone I care about angry with me…..which is the LAST thing I ever want to do.

            Your friendship is precious to me…
            and I never want to mess that up…hence why I felt a need to clarify myself.


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