Pots and Pans – Jam Breakfast Bars


I love the site Budget101.com, another terrific site is:

Grocery Budget 101

I recently tried one of their recipes: Jam Breakfast Bars. I followed the recipe as written, but left the walnuts out of my bars because of a grandchild’s peanut and tree nut allergy. The bars turned out fine without the nuts added. You can find the entire recipe, wonderful photographs, and descriptions here: Grocery Budget 101 Jam Breakfast Bars *

I am very impressed with the information provided by this terrific site. They not only give you the recipe but also great photo directions and break down the cost of making the recipe into dollars and cents. Check it out!

As I was mixing up the topping for the bars, I was a bit apprehensive about the lack of sugar. No problem! The sugar in the jam beneath the topping was plenty sweet.

Here are a few tips I am adding after baking the bars: I taste tested the bars right out of the oven, at room temperature, and cold from the fridge. Surprisingly, I liked them best out of fridge. The jam firms up again, and the bars have a nice texture. I usually prefer baked goods warm but not this time. I also used a 7 x 9 pan instead of the suggested 8 x8, and they bars came out perfect by following the same suggested baking time.


Don’t be tempted to skip the parchment paper on the bottom of the pan!


I had to chisel my way through the side of the bars after cooling with a paring knife. The baked jam really adheres to the baking pan. I was SO glad I had followed the directions and used the parchment on the bottom. (No need to grease this way) I am sure that to leave out the parchment would completely ruin the recipe. By the time you scraped the bars away from the bottom of the pan the whole recipe would be crumbled. Next time I bake them I will carefully run a paring knife around the sides while they are still warm.


After the bars were cool I flipped them out onto a cutting sheet and cut through them upside down. This kept the top of the bars from falling apart during the cutting.


The bars are sticky so I stored them in the fridge between layers of waxed paper.


I had everything I needed to make these bars in the pantry except the jam. I used Smuckers Strawberry. In the future I will stock up on jam when it goes on sale and the recipe will be even more budget friendly. Why does costing only pennies per serving somehow make the bars taste even better? Happy Baking! 🙂

* If I don’t know the source of a recipe I use I will include the recipe in my post, if I do know the source I include the link to it in my post. If the link is broken or takes you to the wrong post let me know through the comments section and I will fix it! Thanks.

Thanks so much for your comments. They fill my life with sunshine.

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