Phacts – Tuesday Trivia/Little Known Phacts in the life of Vincent Van Gogh


Did you know that Vincent Van Gogh was a Christian Evangelist before he became an artist? Van Gogh had such empathy for the poor villagers he gave away his clothing.


“I knew him some forty-five years ago in the Borinage where he was an evangelist (not a pastor, as he had no theological degree). Faced with the destitution he encountered on his visits, his pity had induced him to give away nearly all his clothes; his money had found its way into the hands of the poor, and one might say that he had kept nothing for himself. His religious sentiments were very ardent, and he wanted to obey the words of Jesus Christ to the letter.” M. Bonte

This excerpt was taken from the article titled the Van Gogh’s Letters

Another controversial fact revealed in recent years is the theory that the suicide of Van Gogh was a fabrication to protect the person/persons who accidentally shot him.

The Death of Vincent Van Gogh is an excellent article on this subject.

The television show “Sixty Minutes” presented a very compelling episode on this same subject.

Although time has drawn the curtain on the true facts ever being known, Van Gogh’s paintings will forever be center stage as some of the world’s very best works of art.


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  1. jacolev

    Hey, did you see Benedict Cumberbatch portrayal of Van Gogh; Benedict Cumberbatch – Van Gogh: Painted With Words [ I’ve provided the link if you want to see it.]


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