Perspective – Let Every Heart…

manger scenejpg

This morning, I started the day off by joining a little bird I heard singing outside my window. He sounded merry as he greeted December 1st. I tried to do the same and began to sing, “Joy to the World.” I didn’t get very far, “Let every heart prepare Him room.” My voice was silenced by the flood of God’s presence as I sang those words I know so well, but often don’t dwell upon.

Is my heart prepared and open to him this Christmas season…is yours? Have I kept a hallowed place within where only he can abide, or am I so busy, always setting my inner self to rights, that I cannot fall to my knees and treasure the moments he touches me…moments like the one I experienced this morning when I sang…”Prepare Him room?” My spirit rose and felt touched by God’s presence, when my heart answered, “Yes, I have prepared Him room.” I hope that anyone reading these words has done, or will do, the same. Please my friends, let your heart’s door open and prepare Him room at Christmas time and the whole year through. Blessings on you this Christmas Season.

Photo courtesy of Flickr and Curtis McCormick

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