Project – Christmas JOY canvas


I love the Christmas canvas art I have seen in stores this year. I decided to create one in favorite colors with a theme word that matches my mood this year – JOY

Here’s a quick step-by-step in pictures.

Choose your canvas size, and three bottles of acrylic paint that are in the same color family. Have on hand paper plates or bowls for mixing, and three foam paint applicators. I used two large-sized applicators and one small one because that is what I had on hand. Next time I create something so large, I’ll make sure ALL my applicators are large.


I swished the colors on with the applicators, light color, darker color, light on top. I followed no special pattern or design. I wanted the finished color to have a bit of depth, which is why I chose to use three colors. You can use one, two, three or more if you are so inclined. Your choice is what makes the project special.


At this point I left the canvas alone for several hours to dry. When it was dry to the touch (watch those wet sides when you check it) I Crafted A Bow and tied it off with a piece of floral wire. (I had thirty feet of ribbon for this project) I ran two lengths of ribbon across the front to mimic a tied package. I stapled the ends of the ribbons behind the canvas on the wood stretcher bars, and then with a box cutter poked two holes where the ribbons crossed to insert the floral bow wire.



My letters of Joy were next. I used Gorilla glue for this project. If it was a canvas for indoor use I would have used my glue gun. My experience with glue guns is that in cold temperatures the glue releases its hold. Gorilla Glue, although good for outdoors, is touchy too. Here’s a whole youtube video I found on what NOT to do with Gorilla Glue.

Gorilla Glue expands double, maybe triple, beyond where you place it. Beware of this tendency. I ran a very thin line of glue in the center of each letter and put them in place. I let everything dry overnight.


The next day, using the staple gun again, I attached a string of lights around the edge of the canvas. I had some extra, so I ran that bit up behind the canvas.



Hanging it was a challenge. My first choice was on a Shepherd hook. No good! Even stabilized from the ground with string and anchors the canvas caught and swirled in every breeze.

My final solution was the horse hitching post by my front porch. The sturdier, lower post was perfect for hanging. The ears and large pole formed a good anchor for many, many strings. Next year when I hang my canvas, I will think ahead and cover the back to hide the mechanics. But hey, the only people who will see the back are the mailman and those who leave my home. Hopefully, they will stay until dark and not notice!

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