Projects & Phun – “Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!”


Snow is pretty, but when you are two years old it often keeps you housebound. Tiny hands and feet, button noses, can’t tolerate the frigid air for long. What’s a babe to do?

Our area was caught up in the recent 2000 mile swathe of snow. We only received a light coating, but it was enough to keep the younger grandchildren and me indoors. I wanted to try snow painting: food coloring in squeeze bottles for creating pictures in the snow, but knew the little ones were too young. I decided the next course of action was to bring the snow indoors.


I gathered some watercolor paper and put a roll of painter’s tape on the back to secure it in a shallow storage lid. I placed the trays outdoors hoping the clouds would open up and — ‘Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let it Snow!’

While the tray was collecting the snow, I mixed up some Wilton brand food coloring: red, blue and yellow. Store these in the fridge. This will keep the food coloring solution cold and let the fun last longer.


The babes napped as the snow flurried down, in a few hours the trays had accumulated enough to begin painting! I brought them inside and put bibs on the babes; the food coloring is concentrated and can stain clothing. Let’s Paint!


The babes quickly picked up how to hold the squeeze bottles upside down. They had a great time and became really exuberant with their dipping and swirling of the paint bottles.


When we were finished I whisked the finished snow paintings into the garage to allow the snow to slowly melt and deposit the food coloring on the watercolor paper underneath.


A few hours later I scooped off the colorful snow, let the excess water run-off into the sink, and left the paintings in the trays to dry overnight.


The paintings turned out great! I can’t wait to show them to the babes tomorrow. Happy Snow Painting!

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